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Internet of Things

Bridge the gap between man & machine with scalable IoT Solutions

IoT Application Development

We connect people and devices to uncover additional revenue opportunities leveraging IoT Technology across verticals such as smart homes, smart cities, intelligent buildings, consumer electronics and industrial automation.

Our Technology Offerings

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    Smart Home & Workplace

    Develop internet independent and remote home automation platforms and voice apps to control lighting, irrigations, cameras, alarms, gates, climate, energy, garage doors, entertainment systems, water, and door locks.

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    Smart Retail

    Leverage sensors like beacons to create a more compelling in-store shopping experience with beacon powered apps, sensor-based asset tracking, interactive digital signage screens and connected mobile shopping apps.

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    Smart Manufacturing

    Optimise production processes with asset management, smart logistics, workforce tracking,supply chain optimisation, inventory management, reduction in plant downtime, connected factories / production lines and integration with AR and VR solutions.

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    Smart Energy & Utilities

    Build smart energy solution to reduce costs, human errors, energy misuse, fraud & optimise energy utilisation with smart metering, smart electricity grids, smart lighting, fault detection, connected heating and air conditioning systems.

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    Smart Automotive

    Build custom connected vehicles to help improve productivity, driving experience & safety within-vehicle infotainment, fleet management, safety & driving assistance, real-time vehicle health monitoring and cloud services.

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    Smart Cities and Transportation

    Create smart cities by improving infrastructure with connected vehicles & wireless parking to reduce traffic congestion, connected street lighting to reduce power, waste & water management to reduce environmental impact.

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    Smart Health and Fitness

    Build wearables, software and devices like heart monitors, bathroom sensors, fitness bracelets, glucometers, smart furniture and appliances for patient monitoring to chase for an amicable lifestyle.

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    Smart Farming

    Innovative smart farming solutions like crop and livestock monitoring, precision farming and irrigation management
    that allow farmers to leverage sensors analytics & monitoring systems to make informed decisions.

Why choose us


  • full-soverage

    Full coverage

    We know how to develop a software that works and looks amazing. We build your project from a sketch, work on visuals and design to create the perfect balance between design and development.

  • on-time

    On-time delivery

    When it comes to competition and application development, organization and time management is the key. We complete every production step ahead of a schedule.

  • reporting

    Responsible reporting

    Following the Scrum pace, our team shows you the code and progress on the every development stage and discusses the next steps with you to give you a deep understanding of your software.

  • seamless-performance

    Seamless performance

    Versatility and stability are the future of mobile application development. Every set of niche-specific tools and app features that we select, customize and integrate is guaranteed to work and advance your brand.

  • Supereior-Agility

    Superior agility

    High grade application development covers more than present trends. It also cares about the future changes and challenges. The modern digital projects managed by our team are empowered with our digital foresight. They interact, learn, adapt and adjust.

  • multiple-directions

    Multiple directions

    Tehcimax is specialized in building applications for a wide range of industries: from healthcare to E-commerce. We meet the conditions dictated by your niche and introduce the software project that lets your brand shine.

industries we serve


Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity.
No matter the business, Techimax has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

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    We design user-centric experiences, which are practical and intuitive.

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  • Internet of Things

    Our dynamic IoT solutions have the potential to boost your business by leaps and bounds.

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    24/7 maintenance and monitoring that keeps your business up and running.

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